Episode 001: String Theory Debut

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Tony Williams Lifetime “Proto Cosmos” (4:03) from Believe It (1975)
Code 3 “Switchback” from (5:59) Lift Off! (2004)
The Fents “Stick in the Mud” (4:58) from First Offense (1982)
European Mantra “Help, Help” (5:56) from Unknown
Tribal Tech “Face First” (7:05) from Face First (1993)
Jimmy Herring “Scapegoat Blues” (6:37) from Lifefboat (2008)
Charlie Hunter Trio “Greasy Granny” (4:57) from Bing, Bing, Bing! (1995)
The Marcus King Band “Plant Your Corn Early” (5:08) from The Marcus King Band (2016)
Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surréal “Fire” (3:44) from Manic Voodoo Lady: A Tribute to Hendrix (2009)
Bill Frisell “Just Like a Woman” (4:50) from Have A Little Faith (1993)
Duke Levine “Slowly Fading Out of Sight” (5:33) from The Fade Out (2016)
Bug “Three Weeks” (6:53) from The Optimist (2015)
Pat Metheny, Dave Holland & Roy Haynes “All the Things You Are” (8:26) from Question and Answer(1989)
Wayne Krantz “Signals” (5:32) from Signals (1991)
Jeff Sipe Trio “Trumpets” (3:00) from Jeff Sipe Trio (2014)
Sheryl Bailey “Gogo A Gogo” (4:04) from Little Misunderstood (1995)
Tribal Tech “Mango Prom” (6:47) from Dr. Hee (1987)
Dixie Dregs “Hereafter” (6:23) from Dregs of the Earth (1980)