Episode 003: Mucho Shreddo

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Scott Henderson “Dolemite” (5:52) from Tore Down House (1997)
Kung Fu “Do the Right Thing” (5:03) from Tsar Bomba (2014)
The Aquarium Rescue Unit “Hurt No More” (3:43)  from The Calling (2003)
Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surréal “Foxey Lady” (5:32) from Manic Voodoo Lady: A Tribute to Hendrix(2009)
Frank Zappa “Peaches and Regalia” (3:39) from Hot Rats (1969)
Eric Johnson “Cliffs of Dover”(4:10) from Ah Via Musicom (1990)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience “One Rainy Wish” (3:42) from Axis: Bold as Love (1967)
Chris Cooper “Fireflies” (3:52) from Lines (2012)
Allan Holdsworth “Checking Out” (3:40) from I.O.U. (1982)
The Colin Mandel Group “The End of Childhood Summers” (9:39) from Strange and Savage Tales (1995)
Dixie Dregs “Long Slow Distance” (6:46) from Night of the Living Dregs (1978)
The Aristocrats “Pig’s Day Off” (6:04) from Tres Caballeros (2015)
Altered “Winter Sun” (7:27) from Angular (2008)
Tribal Tech “Dr. Hee” (6:52) from Dr. Hee (1987)
Mahavishnu Orchestra “Hope” (1:59) from Birds of Fire (1973)
The Fents “The Skunk” (3:32) from First Offense (1982)
Jeff Beck “The Final Peace” (3:39) from There and Back (1980)
Goh Nakamura “Telemachus” (1:43) from Ulysses (2008)
Guthrie Govan “Eric” (5:05) from Erotic Cakes (2006)
European Mantra “In Memoriam Guitar Heroes” (2:52) from 5 (2006)