Episode 018: The Scott Henderson Interview

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This is the radio broadcast featuring portions of my interview with Scott Henderson. For the full 75-minute version, check out Interview: Scott Henderson

Tribal Tech “Renegade” (5:50) from Nomad (1990)
Tribal Tech “Seek and Find” (4:55) from Dr. Hee (1987)
Tribal Tech “Stella by Starlight” (2:17) from Reality Check (1995)
Tribal Tech “Big Girl Blues” (6:16) from Tribal Tech (1991)
Jeff Berlin & Vox Humana “20,000 Prayers” (6:11) from Champion (1985)
Tribal Tech “Carribean” (8:15) from Spears (1985)
Zawinul Syndicate “Little Rootie Tootie” (4:45) from Black Water (1989)
Scott Henderson “Festival of Ghosts” (8:41) from Vibe Station (2015)
Scott Henderson “Calhoun” (8:42) from Vibe Station (2015)