Episode 033: The Ed Bickert Tribute Show

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The Ed Bickert Tribute Show
March 11, 2019

Ed Bickert, “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” (2:54), At The Garden Party (2004)
Ed Bickert, “Please Be Kind” (6:21), At The Garden Party (2004)
The Ed Bickert Trio, “Have You Met Miss Jones” (5:35), Out Of The Past (2008)
Paul Desmond, “Just Squeeze Me” (4:32), Pure Desmond (1971)
The Ed Bickert Trio, “Nica’s Dream” (9:46), Out Of The Past (2008)
Paul Desmond, “Theme from “MAS*H” (3:02), Pure Desmond (1971)
Ed Bickert, “I Know Why” (8:25), Days Gone By (2008)
Ed Bickert, “This Year’s Kisses” (4:34), The Canadian Sessions (2008)
Pat Metheny, “Old Folks” (6:38), Question And Answer (1990)
Jim Hall, “Lookin Up” (4:34), Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (2011)
Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes & Dave Holland, “Question And Answer” (6:24), Like Minds (1998)
The Bruce Forman Quartet, “The Nearness Of You” (4:26), There Are Times (1987)
George Benson, “Ode to a Kudu” (4:39), Beyond the Blue Horizon (1972)
Pat Martino, “How Insensitive” (6:14), The Visit! (1972)
Ted Greene, “Send In the Clowns” (5:00), Ted Greene: Solo Guitar (1977)
George Van Eps, “There Will Never Be Another You” (3:45), My Guitar (1966)
Bill Frisell, “Made to Shine” (2:31), Music IS (2018)