Episode 012: Nylon Night

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Ferenc Snétberger “Bossa for Egberto” (9:03) from The Budapest Concert (1996)
Jacob Melvoin, José Luis Merlin, “Dos Aires Pampeanos: I. Aire de Estilo” (3:29) from Jacob Melvoin (2018)
Jacob Melvoin, José Luis Merlin, “Dos Aires Pampeanos: II. Aire de Milonga” (3:23) from Jacob Melvoin (2018)
Jacob Melvoin, Heitor Villa-Lobos, “Prelude No. 4 in E Minor” (3:18) from Jacob Melvoin (2018)
Jacob Melvoin, Garoto (1915-1955), “Vivo Sonhando” (3:00), Live from KZFR Studios(2018)
Jacob Melvoin, Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909), “Marietta” (2:38), Live from KZFR Studios (2018)
Dixie Dregs “Northern Lights” (3:13) from Free Fall (1977)
Dixie Dregs “The Riff Raff” (3:18) from Night of the Living Dregs (1978)
Mahlis-Panos Project “Protoleia” (6:55) from Protoleia (2012)
Pat Metheny “Solo From ‘More Travels'” (3:40) from The Road To You (Live) (1993)
Jeff Miley “Giant Steps” (4:13) from Giant Steps (2016)
Billy Jones “Gone Now” (6:36) from 3’s A Crowd (2017)
Ghz [Gigahertz] “Mary Shelley’s Troubled Sleep” (4:40) from Morbid Curiosity (2010)
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex “Horus and the Pharaoh” (6:19) from The Parable(2017)
Swung “Raga Reverence 1” (5:24) from The Focus Family Album (2017)
The Messthetics “Mythomania”(4:09) from The Messthetics (2018)
Brian Auger “Freedom Jazz Dance” (5:22) from Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express (1972)