Episode 013: Steve Morse Interview

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This is the full 2-hour radio broadcast, featuring my interview with Steve Morse. For just the 45-minute interview, check out Interview: Steve Morse

Dixie Dregs “Free Fall” (4:41) from Free Fall (1977)
Dixie Dregs “Country House Shuffle” (4:01) from The Great Spectacular (1976)
Dixie Dregs “Day 444” (7:03)  from Unsung Heroes (1981)
Dixie Dregs “T.O. Witcher” (2:09) from The Great Spectacular (1976)
Dixie Dregs “Ice Cakes” (3:48) from The Great Spectacular (1976)
Dixie Dregs “Punk Sandwich” (3:19) from Night of the Living Dregs (1978)
Dixie Dregs “The Great Spectacular” (3:20) from Dregs of the Earth (1980)
Dixie Dregs “Dig the Ditch” (3:51) from Free Fall (1977)
Dixie Dregs “I’m Freaking Out” (9:07) from Dregs of the Earth (1980)
Byron Fry “The Porcupine Constant” (3:36) from Combustible (2011)
Michael Thompson “In His Day” (3:00) from MT Speaks (2005)
Jeff Beck “The Final Peace” (3:39) from There and Back (1980)
Dave Brusco “BaddaBucci” (5:48) from Barabbas McTaint (2018)
Altered “Percolate” (2:39) from Graphic (2005)
Dixie Dregs “Hereafter” (6:23) from Dregs of the Earth (1980)