Episode 019: New Music from Puerto Rico’s Resonus

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The String Theory debut of Puerto Rico’s Resonus, plus an eclectic mix of guitar greats from Pat Martino to John Scofield.

Return to Forever “Dayride” (3:25) from No Mystery (1975)
MacAlpine, Brunel, Chambers “The Watcher” (3:47) from CAB (2000)
Kung Fu “Vroom” (8:01) from Joyride (2016)
Pat Martino “Impressions” (4:37) from Consciousness (1974)
Danny Gatton “Homage to Charlie Christian” (1:56) from Unfinished Business (2004)
Lyle Brewer “Way it Was” (5:42) from Music to My Fears (2011)
Soulive “Tabasco” (4:31) from Turn It Out (2000)
T.J. Kirk “Soul Power” (4:28) from T.J. Kirk (1995)
Jimmy Herring “Miss Poopie” (6:08) from Subject to Change Without Notice (2012)
Herbie Mann “Push Push” (9:59) from Duane Allman Anthology, vol. 2 (1971)
John Scofield “Chank” (6:47) from A Go Go (1998)
Jing Chi “The Majestic” (4:11) from Supremo (2017)
Drew Zingg “Megashine City” (5:41) from Drew Zingg (2012)
Resonus “Let’s Talk” (4:57) from Resonus (2018)
Altered “Graphic” (5:42) from Graphic (2005)
Tribal Tech “Face First” (7:05) from Face First (1993)
Jeff Sipe Trio “Trumpets” (3:00) from Jeff Sipe Trio (2014)
Wayne Krantz “But I know it when I see it” (6:39) from Long to be Loose (1993)