Allan Holdsworth Radio Tribute

Allan Holdsworth Radio Tribute

Friends, the Allan Holdsworth Radio Tribute is now posted. Check it out.

I’ve been a fan of Allan Holdsworth since the Velvet Darkness days. When Allan passed away last year, I (like thousands of guitar player across the globe) was crestfallen. At that point I had not yet launched the String Theory radio show, but was subbing for other DJs on our local community radio station KZFR 90.1 FM, in Chico, Ca. I thought: What better way to honor his legacy than to do a radio show tribute to Allan Holdsworth? A few months later, String Theory—the radio show for virtuosic guitar music—was born.

LA Studio King Michael Thompson Interview tonight on String Theory!

Greetings String Theorists!

String Theory returns tonight featuring an interview with LA studio giant and tone god Michael Thompson. The Michael Thompson Band (MTB) has returned to the studio to produce their first album in many years, and we will premiere on our very airwaves a few tracks off the new album! All that, plus the usual cast of virtuosic guitarists.

It all starts at midnight tonight, Pacific Time.


Coming soon, interview with Scott Henderson.

Thanks for listening. And spread the word!


The Dixie Dregs in concert

Your intrepid reporter had the privilege of seeing the Dregs in concert twice last weekend, in San Juan Capistrano and Agoura Hills.

The Dixie Dregs in Agoura Hills

The Dixie Dregs at San Juan Capistrano

If you happen to transcribe Northern Lights while in music school, bring one copy for Steve Morse to sign, and one for him to keep.

Northern Lights transcription

A special thanks to Billy Caroulis and to Janine Morse. 

String Theory site live

String Theory fans, rejoice. For too long, the String Theory radio program archive was distributed across too many sites. Now you can find all the radio show archives, interviews, photos, and more on this site. Enjoy!